5 Tips for a Faster Recovery After Injury

man doing physical therapy 

If you recently suffered an injury, such as a broken hip, your first question was likely, “How quickly will I recover?” It can be frustrating to get used to the limited mobility that follows an injury, and it’s natural to want to get back to your normal life as soon as possible. In an effort to speed up the recovery process, many people actually cause more damage by doing too much too soon. Luckily, there are some ways you can increase the effectiveness of your recovery without compromising your health. 

Listen to your doctor’s orders

This may sound obvious, but it’s really important to abide by your doctor’s orders following an injury. This may include periods of elevation and ice to reduce swelling, physical therapy, medication, and limitations on the amount of weight you can place on the injured body part. Following your doctor’s orders is one of the best ways to recover quickly after an injury.

Be consistent

Just as important as listening to your doctor’s orders is keeping a consistent treatment schedule. At Bella Vista Health Center, our physical therapists recommend a set number of weekly visits based on a patient’s condition. Attending each and every physical therapy session, as well as performing any prescribed exercises between visits, will produce the best results.

Eat a healthy diet

Recovering from an injury places stress on your body. It’s important to fuel it with proper nutrition so you get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need to repair damaged tissue and regain strength. Bella Vista Health Center has a registered dietitian on staff that works with our chef to create meals that both taste delicious and contain plenty of fruits and vegetables to speed up recovery following an injury.  

Be aware of warning signs

As you recover from your injury, be on the lookout for signs of complications that could derail your progress. Redness, increased swelling, joint stiffness, and pain that’s getting worse instead of getting better are all signs you should contact your doctor right away. If possible, keep a journal where you document your symptoms and pain level each day and bring it to your physical therapy appointments. 

Take care of your mental health

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health following an injury. Many patients become frustrated that they aren’t recovering as quickly as they’d like to, and they become increasingly stressed. Meditation and breathing exercises can help you relax even if you have physical limitations, as can activities that are mentally challenging. Crossword puzzles, coloring, and watching your favorite comedies are all great ways to minimize stress for a faster recovery.

Recover in comfort at our health center in San Diego

Choosing the right environment to receive injury treatment will make you feel more comfortable with your physical therapy experience, which in turn will increase its effectiveness. At Bella Vista Health Center, we take a patient-centered approach to physical therapy to help you achieve your mobility goals as quickly as possible. Our therapists will work with you one-on-one to relieve pain and discomfort, restore function, and build strength so you can put your injury behind you and return to your favorite activities. 

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