Services We Offer: 


Bella Vista Health Center is a skilled nursing facility with the goal of empowering patients and rehabilitating them back to their personal best. We are proud to provide an environment where residents and guests feel safe and informed. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff understand the importance of creating an enriching and comfortable atmosphere for all long-term and short-term residents. Services at Bella Vista Health Center include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and other services necessary to the health of our patients. Feel free to come by for a visit or contact us for more information about our services.  

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy programs help to evaluate and diagnose movement dysfunctions. They will treat the physical source of the problem and recommend specific exercises to help align bones and joints to increase mobility and lessen pain. They will also recommend assistive medical devices and use techniques to improve patient's balance, strength and endurance. 

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists help to improve functional ability and quality of life by teaching the patient how to complete tasks while impaired. They are also trained to modify the physical environment and present customized interventions and adaptive tools to help the patient carry out activities of daily living as well as improve balance, strength and endurance. Want to know if Occupational Therapy is right for you? 

Speech Therapy 

At Bella Vista Health Center, we offer a Speech Therapy program (also known as speech-language pathology). Our speech-therapy program is a clinical program that consists of treatment, support, and care for those who have difficulties with communication, cognitive and swallowing improvements. To learn more, check out our Speech Therapy Services at Bella Vista Health Center. 

Stroke Rehabilitation

Our stroke rehabilitation program helps survivors relearn skills that are lost following a stroke. Through a goal-oriented treatment plan that involves physical, occupational, and speech therapies  Key areas of work at our stroke rehabilitation center include mobility training, range-of-motion therapy, and motor skills exercises. Regaining lost abilities in speaking, listening, writing, memory, and problem solving are also emphasized.

Short Term Rehabilitation

After a hospital stay, patients often need continued care and extended recovery time to regain strength and ability. At Bella Vista Health Center, we offer short-term rehabilitation for individuals recuperating from a surgery, injury, or illness in a comfortable and therapeutic environment. 

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our pulmonary rehabilitation program offers exercises, education, and support to individuals with breathing difficulties. Before treatment begins, a therapist will evaluate your loved one and take a full health history. From there, an interdisciplinary team of specialists will set realistic goals and develop a customized plan that involves an array of diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational services.

Post Acute Rehabilitation

Post acute rehabilitation services are designed for patients of all ages who no longer need hospital care, but would benefit from additional therapy and care before returning home following injury, illness, or surgery. Our Post Acute Rehab teams are committed to helping patients achieve their recovery goals and regain their quality of life.  We partner with patients and families to create customized post acute rehabilitation programs