After a hospital stay, patients often need continued care and extended recovery time to regain strength and ability. At Bella Vista Health Center, we offer short-term rehabilitation for individuals recuperating from a surgery, injury, or illness in a comfortable and therapeutic environment. 

As soon as a patient arrives at our skilled nursing facility, our team of medical specialists and professionals immediately begins planning for discharge. By providing each guest with an intensive, personalized program of care, we’re able to shorten his or her recovery time and facilitate a quicker return to independent living. In addition to our skilled nursing and therapeutic services, we strive to promote a warm, welcoming environment where our guests can recover in comfort.

Short-Term Care

short term rehab facility

With 24-hour support from a team of compassionate providers, our short-term rehab program provides a safe transition from hospital to home. The goal of our short-term rehab program is to help each patient achieve optimal physical, cognitive, and emotional health in the shortest time possible. To support this goal, we offer the following services as many as seven days a week:

Physical Therapy Services

Our Physical Therapy program is designed to improve patient joint mobility and manage pain through stretching, active resistance exercises, therapeutic ultrasound, and other innovative services. To achieve a full recovery, patients also participate in fall prevention and balance re-training programs, stability exercises, and functional activity training.

Occupational Therapy Services

The goal of our Occupational Therapy program is to provide patients with the skills and tools they need to perform activities of daily living in a home setting. Our therapists use a combination of strength training, transfer training, and adaptive equipment training to facilitate our patients’ return to successful independent living.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy program focuses on the treatment and support of individuals who have difficulty speaking, swallowing, and communicating. Depending on a patient’s challenges, our therapists will prescribe a combination of dysphagia, cognitive, and/or communication retraining to promote maximum recovery and equip patients with everything they need to continue recovery at home.

Short Term Rehab Facility After Hip/Knee Surgery

Our short-term rehab program offers a comprehensive approach to recovery for patients with acute conditions and diagnoses including, but not limited to:

short term rehab at bella vistsa health center
  • Post-stroke recovery

  • Hip fracture or knee/hip replacement

  • Cardiac or respiratory ailments

  • Post-acute COPD episodes

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Hip fractures

  • Post-ventilator care



Rehab Center in San Diego

  At Bella Vista Health Center, our staff understands that transitions can be difficult. In addition to addressing medical recovery, we strive to promote a nurturing environment where our guests feel comfortable and safe. Our recently remodeled, 5-star skilled nursing facility offers private patient rooms, beautiful outdoor space, and unparalleled amenities to maximize convenience. From barber and salon services, to yoga and meditation, to nutritious meals planned by a registered dietitian, patients in our short-term rehab program have access to the comforts of home while benefitting from the care of dedicated, compassionate providers. 

Whether you’re in our care for a few days or several weeks, we promise to make your time in our San Diego rehab center therapeutic and enjoyable. Learn more about short term rehab from our blog here.

For more information on Bella Vista Health Center’s skilled nursing facility or short-term rehab services, please contact us at (619) 644-1000.

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