Why Physical Therapy is Beneficial After a Fall

senior doing physical therapy at clinic

If you’ve ever sat in the park and watched your grandchildren play, you’ve probably noticed how resilient they are. They fall and then get back up on their feet immediately. Unfortunately, as we advance in age, we lose some of that resilience. Even a minor fall can have dire consequences that significantly impact our health and our quality of life. But if you do fall, all is not lost. Although you may not bounce back up immediately after you take a tumble, physical therapy can help you heal and resume a healthy, active lifestyle.  Take a look below at some of the ways physical therapy is beneficial after a fall. 

Physical therapy helps increase mobility

After a fall, exercise may be the last thing anyone wants to do. But in many cases, movement is precisely what’s needed in order to keep joints nimble and avoid re-injury. Physical therapy after a fall helps to decrease stiffness in the joints and muscles, leading to increased mobility and range of motion.

Physical therapy can help reduce pain after a fall

After taking a tumble, pain can cause a person to stiffen up, leading to even more pain and discomfort. One of the first goals of physical therapy is to reduce pain and swelling. Sometimes this may mean massage, hot or cold therapy, or gentle slow movements that help loosen tight joints and increase flexibility. A skilled and experienced physical therapist will be able to create a treatment plan that relieves pain and restores optimal function after a fall. 

Physical therapy can help heal and restore function after a fall

For seniors, is not uncommon for a bad fall to result in hip fracture. Even after the fracture is fixed with surgery, many people lose a significant amount of the daily functioning required for independent living, such as standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, or getting dressed. Physical therapy can make all the difference, and the sooner it begins after the fall, the sooner the patient can heal and return to a healthy, independent life. 

Physical therapy aids in fall prevention

Statistics say that 87% of seniors who fall will do so again within 6 months. Physical therapy is an important part of fall recovery, and a physical therapist can create a specialized treatment plan that includes exercises specifically designed to aid in fall prevention. These may include exercises to improve balance, build strength, and enhance coordination, all of which can help reduce the risk of another fall. 

Physical therapy can minimize fear after a fall

Falling is scary, and fear of falling again can make it difficult to resume an active lifestyle. A physical therapist provides critical support during the healing process, allowing the patient to work through their fear while still taking the actions that aid them in recovery. Anyone who has taken a bad fall can benefit from the compassionate support of a qualified professional while they face their fears and gather the courage to get back up on their feet. 

Bella Vista Health Center offers physical therapy in San Diego

At Bella Vista Health Center, we offer physical therapy programs designed to relieve pain, promote recovery from injury, and help patients to achieve optimal health.  Our compassionate and highly qualified physical therapists are dedicated to helping each patient return to independent living as quickly as possible. For more information on our programs and services, please give us a call at 619-644-1000 or come visit us in Lemon Grove today.