How to Find The Best Assisted Living Facility

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The decision to move your loved one into assisted living is never an easy one. Many seniors are reluctant to give up their freedom and the comforts of home. Even in an ideal situation, where your loved one chooses to make the move to assisted living, grief and feelings of loss are common. 

The best assisted living facilities will be sensitive to the emotional upheaval such a life change can cause for an aging adult, and do everything they can to make the transition into long-term care smooth and comfortable. In addition to a compassionate intake staff, there are a few other things to look for that distinguish the best assisted living facilities in San Diego from the rest. 

A comfortable, welcoming atmosphere

First impressions are important. Walking into a facility, does it feel like home? Some people prefer a cozy, quiet environment, while others enjoy a large, busy place buzzing with social activities. Request a tour of the resident rooms and common areas. Whatever your loved one’s personal preference, the facility should also be safe, secure, clean, and well maintained. 

Attentive providers and professionals

The best assisted living facilities staff warm, caring providers and professionals who go above and beyond to ensure each resident feels his or her future will be provided for. Are these people genuinely friendly, and do they take time to speak with you? Observe how they interact with current residents. If caretakers appear stressed or overwhelmed, you may want to take your search elsewhere.

Resident safety is top priority

Look for an assisted living facility with skilled nursing staff and a physician on-site 24 hours a day. As you tour the premises, take note of whether the entrances and exits are secured, if the hallways have handrails, and whether the doorways are wide enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair. A sprinkler system, smoke detectors, and an emergency call system in the resident rooms are essential.

Delicious and healthy meals

The best assisted living facilities work with a registered dietitian to offer a variety of menu options that are delicious and accommodate the changing dietary needs of aging adults. Ask to see the menu and sample the facility’s food; inquire as to how many meals and snacks residents receive each day. Can residents choose when they eat, or are there designated meal times? 

Access to rehabilitation services

Even if your loved one is healthy today, it’s comforting to know that the assisted living facility you choose offers rehabilitation programs on-site if the need arises. Services to look for include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation. Be sure to ask about how treatment plans are customized to each resident’s needs.

A wide variety of social activities

Top assisted living facilities acknowledge the importance of socialization for aging adults. Is there a monthly events calendar posted? As you tour the facility, look for current residents engaged in activity. Do they appear happy? Off-site outings, birthday and holiday celebrations, religious services, and visitor hours are all things to inquire about on your tour.

Selecting an assisted living facility is a big decision, and one that will have a significant impact on your loved one’s health and happiness. At Bella Vista Health Center, we make the transition to long-term care as smooth as possible by providing a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere for all residents. With attentive staff, advanced safety measures, appetizing and healthy meals, rehabilitation programs and ample opportunities for socializing, we offer residents the compassionate care and quality of life you expect from one of the best assisted living facilities in San Diego.

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