What are Post-Acute Care Services?

post acute care services

Decades ago, someone suffering a medical emergency such as an accident or sudden illness would spend a considerable amount of time in the hospital recovering after surgery or treatment. Modern healthcare costs have made extensive hospital stays unfeasible, but for most patients in this type of situation, quick recovery is unrealistic. 

As a skilled nursing facility in San Diego, we at Bella Vista Health Center help fill in the gap by offering post-acute care services to address patients in need of specialized follow-up care. Here’s an overview of post-acute care services, and how we can help.

Which conditions can be treated with post-acute care?

The conditions treated with San Diego post acute care services include—but are not limited to—strokes, pulmonary diseases, orthopedic fractures, hip fracture/replacement, knee or other joint replacement, cardiac or respiratory ailments, severe wounds, and post-tracheostomy recovery.  

What is the goal of post-acute care?

San Diego Post Acute Rehabilitation providers treat major health episodes through therapeutic, rehabilitative or skilled nursing services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, along with basic medical care. Although the main goals for post-acute care are stabilization and recovery, providers also address self-care tasks for improved mobility and pain management, and offer tools and strategies to prevent further complications. And while providers allow patients to recover at their own pace, they also strive to help patients regain their independence and return home as soon as possible. 

Who provides post-acute care services?

Entities that provide post-acute care services include transitional care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health care providers. Skilled nursing facilities such as Bella Vista Health Center offer post-acute care from a full spectrum of professional healthcare providers including physicians, registered nurses, certified therapists, social workers, and support staff.

What do skilled nursing facilities offer in addition to post-acute care?

Skilled nursing facilities strive to help patients recover in the most comfortable and supportive setting possible, which is why many offer custom care plans and amenities such as pharmacy services, individualized meal plans, transportation services, and patient/family training and education. Many skilled nursing facilities also offer planned activities, social functions, and outings when possible to heal the spirit as well as the body.

What are the benefits of post-acute care?

Full recovery at an individualized pace is the primary benefit of post-acute care services, but it’s not the only one. Studies have shown that patients receiving post-acute care after a major health episode see greater and more rapid clinical improvements compared to patients discharged to their homes. Also, coordination between hospitals and post-acute care providers helps to reduce readmissions to the hospital.

Post-acute care services you can count on

At Bella Vista Health Center, our highly skilled and reliable staff includes internal physicians, critical care physicians, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists, and registered dieticians.  The compassion and reliability of our team are just a couple of reasons our patients feel comfortable, safe, and ready to focus on recovery. 

If you have recently suffered a medical emergency and are in need of post-acute care services in San Diego, give us a call at (619) 644-1000 to tour our beautiful, recently remodeled 5-star skilled nursing facility, or fill out our contact form.