Types of Services Offered at a Skilled Nursing Facility

enjoying the day at a skilled nursing facility

Many people confuse skilled nursing facilities with nursing homes, but they are very different from each other. While a nursing home is typically a residential facility for seniors who can no longer manage the tasks required for independent daily living, skilled nursing facilities offer a larger variety of services for a broader range of people. In addition to long-term care for seniors, skilled nursing facilities also provide short-term care for those who require additional support following a hospital stay for an accident, surgery, or illness.  The goal for post-acute rehabilitative care is to bridge the gap between hospital and home and to help each patient to get back to their personal best so they may live as independently as possible. Depending on the patient’s needs, skilled nursing services may include any combination of the following: 

Types of Skilled Nursing Services


Custodial care

Includes assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. 

Nutrition therapy

Promotes each patient’s healing process by providing them with healthy, nourishing foods that address their personal dietary needs and support their optimal health.

Wound care

Involves the treatment and care of wounds such as those from amputation, accident, illness, or surgery.  It also includes prevention, detection, and treatment of pressure ulcers, skin tears, and bruises. 

Cardiac care

Provides specialized support for patients recovering from cardiac conditions or procedures including heart attack, heart surgery, high blood pressure, and more. 

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Offers individuals with lung conditions the support and assistance they need to manage their symptoms, improve their lung function, and achieve the highest possible level of independence. 

Post-stroke recovery

Includes specialized therapies for patients recovering from stroke in order to help them restore mobility, improve speech and swallowing, and relearn skills needed for daily tasks.   

Physical therapy programs

 Physical therapy programs are designed around exercises that help relieve pain, restore balance, improve joint and muscle functioning, and reestablish proper body mechanics for rehabilitation, safety, and injury prevention. 

Occupational therapy

Provides treatment plans focused on a combination of strength training, transfer training, and/or adaptive equipment training to help patients overcome physical and environmental challenges and achieve high levels of independence in performing the activities of daily living.  

Speech therapy

Improves cognition, communication, and swallowing function for patients recovering from stroke and other diagnoses that affect thought, memory, and speech. 

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