8 Benefits of Living in a Nursing Facility

Benefits of living in a nursing facility

One of the most complicated decisions in an adult’s life involves the transition from living independently at home to moving into an assisted living facility when full autonomy is no longer feasible or safe. Much of the stress stems from the idea of change and the fear of a loss of independence. But for many people, the transition turns out to be an extremely beneficial one. Take a look at these 8 benefits of living in a nursing facility:

1. Help with daily tasks

One of the main reasons seniors are unable to live on their own is the increasing difficulty of completing basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, administering medicine, and running errands. Nursing facilities provide assistance in these tasks and many more, relieving seniors of a burden that causes unnecessary stress.

2. Balanced stimulation

When a senior is living alone at home, boredom and lack of cognitive and physical stimulation can have a severely negative effect on their overall health. Conversely, a senior who moves in with their adult children and young grandchildren can experience overwhelming stimulation that’s equally negative to their health. Nursing facilities, on the other hand, assess residents’ capabilities and adjust their environment for the right amount of stimuli for optimal mental and physical health.

3. Active socialization

Aside from boredom, one of the primary emotional burdens of living alone is loneliness. Even seniors who live with family are often removed from regular socialization with their peers. Nursing facilities are jam-packed with fun, organized events to encourage a robust social network, and participating in such activities has been proven to stave off depression in older adults and offer other overall health benefits as well.

4. Housekeeping services

Even if your loved one is fiercely independent in their own home, hardly anyone would balk at the idea of never having to scrub a toilet again. Nursing facility staff takes care of all cleaning duties and laundry services—just like at a hotel—leaving seniors free to fill their time with activities, social experiences, and relaxation.

5. Food preparation

Between arthritis, weakened eyesight, and occasional forgetfulness, cooking meals can be a difficult—and sometimes dangerous—responsibility for seniors, even when cooking for one. Ensuring that they’re getting sufficient nutrition is also a challenge, which is why nursing facilities provide meals and snacks throughout the day and have dieticians on staff to ensure residents are getting the most out of each meal.

6. Safe environment

Even with minor home modifications, living alone can be very unsafe for seniors. Nursing facilities offer a thoroughly safe environment with grab bars, emergency call boxes, properly functioning smoke detectors and other safety equipment. Round-the-clock supervision also helps prevent against injuries, financial abuse, and other types of fraud, which seniors are particularly vulnerable to when living independently.

7. On-site health care

Nursing facility residents and their families have peace of mind with on-site health care services and 24-hour health monitoring services. While many seniors still choose to see their regular off-site doctor for non-emergency appointments, facility staff can help with daily administration of prescriptions, emergency medical treatment, and general health advice when needed. 

8. Specialized health care

Seniors with serious health conditions will find a level of care at nursing facilities far beyond what they would have on their own or living with family. In addition to providing care for people with conditions such as Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, cancer, and diabetes, many nursing facilities offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to promote a high quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Transition can be a wonderful thing. Let us help make sure it is.

At Bella Vista Health Center, we provide top-notch service and care, offering residents a comfortable, safe, and therapeutic experience in our recently remodeled 5-star facility in Lemon Grove. If you or a loved one is looking into making the transition from independent to assisted living, come visit us or contact us for more information on the services we offer.