The Importance of the Caregiver / Patient Relationship

Caregiver / Patient Relationship

Caregiver / Patient Relationship

Being a caregiver to seniors or people with illnesses or injuries that require assistance means more than taking care of medical-related tasks and helping out around the house. It is a relationship that can have a significant influence on the patient’s quality of life. Finding someone to care for you or your loved one should involve careful consideration and thorough research. And while extensive experience and glowing references are valuable, the right choice in caregiver comes down to their ability to forge a strong relationship with the patient. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Trust and security

Some patients are not thrilled with the idea of assistance even if they know it’s needed, so they might accept the bare minimum of help, especially when it comes to personal care needs such as dressing or bathing. But when a patient develops trust in their caregiver, they are usually more receptive to receiving the help they need. Additionally, stress and discomfort can negatively affect recovery efforts and quality of life, so it’s vital that seniors and patients feel safe and secure in their surroundings.

2. Social stimulation

If a senior or patient is confined to home or a care facility, socialization can be limited. A positive relationship with a caregiver can make a huge difference in a patient’s companionship needs, and not just from an emotional standpoint. Talking, playing cards or board games, making crafts, and other activities provide important mental stimulation, especially for seniors.

3. Open communication

For various reasons—including shyness, fear, denial, or a private personality—some seniors or patients might be hesitant to share health or other concerns with their caregiver. A strong relationship with a caregiver can open up lines of communication so the patient is more willing to discuss concerns that could lead to further health complications or emotional distress if not addressed. This aspect of the caregiver relationship is especially crucial if the senior or patient doesn’t have close relationships with family members or isn’t particularly communicative with their doctor.

4. Health benefits

It’s well known that patients who need short-term care due to an injury or illness can recover faster if they are not burdened by stress, emotional discomfort, or social isolation. But beyond that, researchers have found that patients with dementia score better on functional and cognitive tests when they receive personalized, positive care. So while compassionate caregivers aren’t quite cures for disease, they might be the next best thing.

Compassionate caregiving is our top priority

At Bella Vista Health Center in Lemon Grove, we understand the importance of strong caregiver relationships, and our staff is skilled and experienced in the art of love. We make it a point to get to know our patients, to spend time with them, and to create healthy bonds that support recovery and a high quality of life. We offer both top-notch medical care and stimulating socialization to meet the needs of all our patients and residents. If you have questions about the services we provide or you want to schedule a tour of our 5-star skilled nursing facility, call (619) 399-7920 today.