Recovery Options After Orthopedic Surgery

If you’ve had surgery in the past, you may have left the hospital with instructions to take it easy and rest. After orthopedic surgery, though, the recovery process begins right away. As soon as you are cleared by your surgeon, you’ll either be discharged to follow an at-home rehabilitation program or transferred to another facility where you can receive continued care and begin physical therapy to regain movement, strength, and function.

While most people are eager to go home after a hospital stay, choosing to complete orthopedic surgery recovery at a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility can shorten your recovery time and help prevent a return trip to the hospital. At Bella Vista Health Center, our goal is to provide a comfortable place to recover that feels like home with the added benefit of 24-hour support from compassionate caregivers and medical professionals.

Services a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility can provide include

Comfortable accommodations

The guest rooms at skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities are designed with comfort and function in mind. Adjustable beds, grab bars in the bathroom, and accessible showers are just a few of the details that can help facilitate a smooth and safe recovery. At Bella Vista Health Center, you can choose between a private or semi-private room where you can recover and rehabilitate in comfort.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a critical component to a successful orthopedic surgery recovery program. With guidance from your surgeon, a team of licensed physical therapists will develop a customized care plan with exercises designed to restore mobility and strength. At Bella Vista Health Center, your physical therapy program may also include massage, joint mobilization, gait training, and hot/cold therapy, depending on your initial evaluation and ongoing assessments.

Occupational therapy

While physical therapists focus on strengthening injured tissues and muscles, occupational therapists adapt tasks and a patient’s physical environment to aid with activities of daily living. For example, if you’re recovering from knee replacement surgery, your occupational therapist may provide adaptive equipment to assist you with bathing or cooking. At Bella Vista Health Center, occupational therapy is often part of the same overall care plan for patients recovering from orthopedic surgery.

Nutritious meals

When you’re recovering from orthopedic surgery, it can be challenging to cook for yourself, let alone eat three healthy meals a day. At a skilled nursing facility, you’ll benefit from eating nutritious and culturally diverse foods that keep meal time exciting. Best of all, you don’t have to grocery shop, cook, or clean!

Social activities

Recovering from orthopedic surgery at home can feel isolating, especially when limited mobility makes it difficult to leave the house. A skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility offers plenty of opportunities for socialization. At Bella Vista Health Center, we have a full calendar of optional events that include sports, games, crafts, live music, karaoke, and movie nights.

24-hour support

By choosing to complete your orthopedic surgery recovery at a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, you have access to medical professionals 24 hours a day. This means someone is always nearby to assist with dressing, bathing, using the restroom, and taking pain management medications.

Orthopedic Surgery Aftercare at Bella Vista Health Center

Whether it’s a hip replacement recovery, recovery after knee surgery, or another type of bone or joint procedure, the road to recovery after an orthopedic surgery can be a long and difficult one. Those who undergo musculoskeletal operations often have limited mobility of the arms or legs, which can make it especially challenging to bathe, dress, toilet, and perform other daily activities.

At Bella Vista Health Center, our goal is to promote a warm and inviting environment where you or your loved one can recover in comfort. In addition to compassionate nursing and comfortable accommodations, we have a team of licensed physical and occupational therapists on staff who will plan a personalized orthopedic surgery recovery program designed to help you return to independent living as quickly as possible.

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