Skilled Nursing Care For Veterans

Veterans of the United States military have spent their lives protecting and serving our nation. It’s important to honor their service by making sure they receive the highest quality care available. For veterans with significant health issues requiring round-the-clock medical supervision, the best choice may be a skilled nursing facility.

Why veterans might need a skilled nursing facility

Skilled nursing facilities are residential treatment centers that provide specialized care by licensed nurses and other medical professionals in a warm, friendly environment. Whether recovering from a short-term illness or injury, or managing a long-term health condition, there are many benefits to receiving skilled nursing care. Some of the services offered to residents of skilled nursing facilities include:

  • Rehabilitation

For veterans recuperating from illness, injury, or surgery, skilled nursing facilities offer a restful and supportive place to recover, with on-site support from physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists who work together to help the patient get back to living independently.

  • Wound care

Veterans healing from surgery or afflicted with a persistent wound benefit from daily wound care and a range of skilled nursing services that help facilitate the healing process.

  • Medication management

In a nursing facility, nurses and doctors oversee patient medication schedules to ensure each individual is taking the adequate dosage at all the right times, adjusting as necessary to prioritize recovery, comfort, and wellbeing.

  • 24/7 Supervision

Every patient in a skilled nursing facility receives round-the-clock monitoring of their vital signs, and medical professionals are always available and prepared to help in an emergency or other unexpected situations.

  • Meals and social activities

Skilled nursing facilities strive to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, serving nutritious and delicious foods and organizing group activities to keep all patients active and engaged.

Skilled nursing care for veterans: you’ve got options

While veterans often qualify for care in a VA skilled nursing home, you likely have other options for skilled nursing care. Many private nursing homes accept a wide range of insurance plans, including Medicaid for those on a limited income. Seniors who need residential care can often take advantage of Medicare coverage, under certain circumstances. And veterans requiring short-term rehab or long-term stays in a skilled nursing facility may also be able to subsidize the costs using a pension benefit called Aid and Attendance.

Aid and Attendance Benefit for Veterans

The VA offers the Aid and Attendance benefit to help older veterans and their surviving spouses pay for skilled nursing care, whether in your own home or in a private-pay facility. Under this benefit, veterans may be eligible for up to $1,794 per month, while their spouses can qualify for up to $1,153 per month. Exact amounts depend on your income and the cost of the nursing care you’re looking to receive.

To qualify for Aid and Attendance, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • 65 years of age or older, or totally disabled

  • 90 days of active duty service, with at least one day during an eligible period of war. Eligible wars include World War II, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam era, or the Persian Gulf War

  • Require assistance with at least two activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, or dressing

  • Must not have been dishonorably discharged

For surviving spouses to qualify, they must have been married to the veteran at the time of their death.

Bella Vista Health Center offers skilled nursing for veterans

As a United States veteran, you cared for our country; now it’s time to let your country care for you. At Bella Vista Health Center, we provide nursing for veterans who need medical care and assistance with day-to-day living in a warm, welcoming, and caring environment. We’re proud to maintain a consistent 5-star rating for excellence in patient care, as determined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. With support for both short-term rehabilitation and long-term medical treatment, we’re honored to care for this country’s former service members.

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