Common Misconceptions About Skilled Nursing Facilities

infographic About Skilled Nursing Facilities

When was the last time you visited a skilled nursing facility? If it’s been a while, expect to see some changes the next time you enter one.  It used to be that nursing homes were places where the elderly went to spend their final years. But skilled nursing facilities today serve short- and long-term patients of all ages. Additionally, today’s definition of high-quality care encompasses so much more than just medical services. Residents, families, and administrators have a deeper understanding of the important role quality of life plays at every age—and it shows. 

Our guess is that if you haven’t been in a skilled nursing facility for some time, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Take a look below at some common misconceptions about skilled nursing facilities—and the reality of what you can expect the next time you enter one. 

Misconception #1: A skilled nursing facility is nothing more than a hospital

The reality: While it’s true that skilled nursing facilities do offer in-depth medical care, they are very different from hospitals. In a hospital, patients keep mainly to their rooms until they are discharged. A skill nursing facility, on the other hand, offers opportunities for stimulation and socialization. At Bella Vista Health Center in San Diego, we provide our residents with recreational activities and a number of other amenities and services that help to create a sense of home and community. 

Misconception #2: Residents in skilled nursing facilities have no independence

The reality: Any quality skilled nursing facility will strive to help each patient achieve or maintain maximum independence. Even those residents with limited mobility or higher levels of cognitive difficulty are encouraged to make choices about their schedules, activities, health care, treatment decisions, and more. At Bella Vista, this is true for both our short-term and long-term residents. 

Misconception #3: Skilled nursing is only for the elderly

The reality: Although some skilled nursing facilities are centered only on long-term care for the elderly, that’s not true for all facilities. At Bella Vista, we provide long-term and short-term skilled nursing care for patients of all ages. Rehabilitative short-term care services at our San Diego nursing facility include pulmonary rehabilitation, wound care, and post-acute rehabilitation for brain injuries, amputations, orthopedic conditions, and more.

Misconception #4: A skilled nursing facility is the same as an assisted living facility

The reality: Assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities do both provide assistance with dressing, grooming, medication, meal preparation, and other aspects of daily living, but one significant difference between the two is the higher level of medical care available in a skilled nursing facility. The staff at assisted living facilities can only provide medication management and administration.  The staff at a skilled nursing facility, on the other hand, is able to provide medication as well as skilled nursing care and some medical treatment. 

Misconception #5: Skilled nursing facilities are sad places and residents are lonely

The reality: No one wants to think of their loved one living a lonely life in a sad place. Just the thought is heartbreaking.  But a visit to any reputable skilled nursing facility should help get that thought out of your head. At Bella Vista Health Center in particular, we’re considered among the best San Diego nursing facilities in part because of our holistic approach to wellness that addresses the mind, body, and spirit of each patient. We offer group outings, live music, yoga, and a number of other services and amenities that provide all of our residents with the highest possible quality of life. 

Looking for a skilled nursing facility in San Diego? 

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