Outdoor Activities that are Good for Your Health


Outdoor Activities that are Good for Your Health

It’s no secret that being outdoors in the fresh air is good for your health and overall well-being. Outdoor activities also serve as a great and healthy resource to escape from the day-to-day stresses that consume many individual’s thoughts. 

Many activities that occur outside can require a lot of physical activity that we may no longer be able to achieve as we recover and/or age. Even though hobbies such as surfing or mountain biking may be out of the picture for some of us, there are still plenty of other activities that are a great way for individuals to take advantage of nature and the outdoors. 

Go for a walk

Going for a walk at some point in the day is a great way to get some outdoor exercise. Whether it’s an early morning sunrise walk, a relaxing mid-afternoon stroll, or nice walk through the neighborhood in the evening, it will be very beneficial to your health. Try going for a walk with a friend or two to not only improve your health, but to boost your social life as well. 

Pick up gardening

Gardening is such a rewarding way to spend time in the outdoors. This is especially true if you want to find an activity where you can spend a great amount of your day outside soaking up some Vitamin D. But don’t forget to wear your sunscreen! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work and devotion blossom into something beautiful and/or delicious. 

Go fish

Fishing is one of the best outside activities for people with physical limitations. Not only do you get to spend time outdoors, but you also get to be near the water. Many people like to use this activity as a way to bond with younger generations in their family and share stories with their children and grandchildren. Not only is the hobby enjoyable, but you may also leave with a delicious meal afterwards.

Organize a picnic

You have to eat right? Why not do it outdoors? Invite some of your friends or family to a local park for a tasty lunch in the sun. Get everyone involved by assigning different courses to different individuals. Changing up the scenery from your usual lunch spot will be an exciting way to get together with the people you care about. 

Paint a picture

Painting is a great way for people to relax and enjoy their surroundings while spending some time outdoors. Like walking, painting can also be used as a therapeutic method for dealing with the stresses that come into our lives. Find a peaceful place to set up your easel and enjoy the many benefits of both painting and the outdoors. 

Spend some time outdoors with us

Here at Bella Vista Health Center, we understand the importance of spending time in the beautiful outdoors. That’s why we provide numerous opportunities each and every day for our guests to enjoy the San Diego air. Along with our multiple organized activities every day, our guest’s are free to enjoy their day soaking up the sun in our recently remodeled courtyard as well. 

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