12 of the Healthiest Foods You Need to be Eating


12 of the Healthiest Foods You Need to be Eating

We all want to be healthy.  Some of us may not know how to get there, but ultimately, everyone wants to feel good.  One of the best ways to get healthy is to eat healthy foods.  There are so many nutrient-rich foods out there we couldn’t possibly list them all (well, we could, but we’d be at it for a long time). The following list is a good place to start.  We’re pretty sure that once you realize how good it feels to get healthy, you’ll want more of it. 

Give your body a boost with these 12 healthy foods. 

#1 Blueberries

These popular berries have one of the highest anti-oxidant capacities among all fruits, vegetables, spices and seasonings.  They’ll pack a punch on behalf of your nervous system, brain health, and memory. Eat them raw to maximize their flavor and nutritional benefits. 

#2 Walnuts

The high levels of vitamin E found in walnuts can help protect your cardiovascular health. They also provide anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Walnuts are one of two foods that contain more Omega-3 fatty acids per serving than salmon (the other is flaxseed).  

#3 Almonds

Almonds help lower LDL-cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. The magnesium they contain can also help improve the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients through the body. Almonds are a great snack to protect against high blood pressure. 

#4 Salmon

You’ve probably heard that salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your overall cell and brain function, but it also contains bioactive peptides that aid in insulin effectiveness, support for joint cartilage, and inflammation in the digestive tract. Look for wild salmon. It will have fewer toxins than farmed Atlantic salmon. 

#5 Basil

The flavonoids found in basil protect cell structures from radiation and oxygen-based damage. And its volatile oils have proven effective in restricting bacteria growth.  Basil also provides anti-inflammatory benefits. 

#6 Kale

This dark leafy green can help lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of five different cancers (bladder, breast, colon, ovary, prostate), support the body’s detoxification system, and reduce inflammation.   

#7 Avocados

The monounsaturated fats, antioxidant nutrients, and anti-inflammatory components of avocados put them near the top of any list of superfoods. They also provide cardiovascular support and help with blood sugar control, insulin regulation, and satiety and weight management. 

#8 Spinach

The health value of spinach ranks it among the world’s healthiest foods. Its phytonutrients provide anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. The flavonoids it contains deliver antioxidant benefits, and the vitamin K helps maintain bone health.

#9 Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the few grains that contain significant amounts of protein and health-supportive fats. The phytonutrient benefits and antioxidant flavonoids give it an overall nutrient richness that you won’t find in most grains. 

#10 Chicken breasts

Organic, pasture-raised, skinless chicken breasts provide broad nutrient support with less fat than dark meat and more antioxidant benefits than non-organic, non-pastured chicken meat. Chicken is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B3. 

#11 Peanut butter/Almond butter

Both of these nut butters are rich in heart-healthy fats. And while they also both contain fiber, vitamin E (known for antioxidant properties), and minerals like potassium and calcium, almond butter edges out peanut butter in these health benefits. When shopping for nut butters, look for “all natural” on the label and an ingredients list that reads: “nuts, salt.” 

#12 Mushrooms

Mushrooms help lower risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer, reduce cholesterol levels, and strengthen the immune system. They also aid in the absorption of iron and the reduction of blood pressure. 

We take health and nutrition seriously

At Bella Vista Health Center in Lemon Grove, we make it our business to ensure that our patients and residents get what they need to live their healthiest lives possible. We prepare our food lovingly and according each individual’s dietary needs because we understand the impact nutrition has on health. 

If you need a place to recover and rehabilitate, Bella Vista is here for you. In additional to nutritious meals, we can provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, wound care, Bi-PAP/C-PAP therapy, and more. Our staff is highly skilled and compassionate, and we’ll take great care of you while you heal. 

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