Top Qualities of a Great Health Center

Top Health Centers

Searching for a quality health care center or nursing home probably feels like a daunting task before you’ve even gotten started.  We understand. This is, after all, about your health or the health of your loved one—and what could be more important? 

All nursing facilities are unique in their own ways, of course, but there are some top qualities that all the best health care centers share. Here’s what to look for when starting your search for an assisted living facility that will be a temporary or permanent new home:

Respect for residents

When you tour a prospective nursing facility, take plenty of time to observe interactions between residents and staff. Residents should always be treated with respect, regardless of their physical or mental condition. Staff members should be friendly and supportive while providing care, and respect residents’ privacy by knocking on doors before entering and clearly communicating before all procedures. Even if you don’t get a chance to glimpse caretaking in progress, note the staff’s general attitude. Are they happy? If not, that should be a red flag. Unhappy caretakers won’t be able to provide residents with the “happy home” atmosphere they deserve. 

Respect for choices

Residents should be able to make their own choices, such as when they can sleep (no set bedtimes or wake-up times) or what they can wear. Even meal location should be a choice, as some residents might enjoy eating in a large cafeteria setting, while others might prefer to eat alone in their room. Group and individual activities should be options, not mandatory, and socialization should never be forced.

Comfortable surroundings and amenities

In addition to enjoying pleasant, well-kept décor in the common areas of the facility, residents should be able to give their rooms a taste of home with knick-knacks, artwork, framed photos, quilts, and small furnishings. Another way quality nursing homes help residents feel comfortable in their new living situation is by providing extra amenities like salon services and computer stations with Internet access.

Flexible and extended visiting hours

While rigid visiting hours are common in hospital settings, quality nursing facilities should have flexible visiting hours to accommodate the varying schedules of loved ones. Transparency is also important. A truly top-notch facility should have a “drop in anytime” policy. 

Well-balanced, tasty meals

The best way to determine the quality of food at a prospective nursing home is to sample one of their meals. But taste isn’t everything—nursing home staff should also monitor the nutritional intake of each resident and notify family or doctors if there is any difficulty eating or a drop in appetite. The best health care centers also offer special meals to accommodate residents’ health problems (allergies and medical conditions), diet preferences (vegetarian or vegan), and religious needs.

Plentiful and meaningful activities

Going far beyond Bingo night, great nursing homes offer a variety of social, physical, creative, and educational activities that will appeal to all residents. Planned group activities for outside events should also be offered, along with interaction with community groups that bring pets to the facility, perform music, or offer specialized activities, such as yoga and meditation. Another way to involve residents is to provide them with opportunities to contribute to the community, such as reading to other residents or helping to deliver the mail.

5-Star care in a 5-Star facility

At Bella Vista Health Center, we create a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere focused on empowering every patient who walks through the door of our 5-Star facility. In addition to the highest standard of care, we provide nutritious meals, activities to raise spirits, salon services, free concierge services, 24/7 visiting hours, and much more. If you or a loved one is considering residency or needs temporary care to recover from injury or illness, call us at 619-644-1000 or fill out our Contact Form to set up a tour of our beautifully remodeled Lemon Grove facility.